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Keeping DC Children and Youth Safe: Mandated Reporter Training Report Child Abuse & Neglect, CFSA 24 Hour Hotline, 202-671-7233

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We all want every child in our city to grow up in safe and healthy families. Yet the tragic fact is that thousands of our young people fall victim to abuse and neglect each year.

You can help. Your work gives you regular access to many children and youth and an opportunity to play a critical role in protecting them. Mandated reporters are professionals obligated by law to report known or suspected incidents of child abuse and neglect. As a mandated reporter, you are part of the citywide safety net that provides life-saving interventions for vulnerable children and youth in our community.

This website provides the information you need to recognize the signs of abuse and neglect and how to make a report. Thank you for taking time to work through this important training and for your invaluable partnership in looking out for the District's children and youth.

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